TedX Vancouver

Short Term Thinking – A Risk to Our Legacy In 2013, Mark was lucky enough to be selected to deliver a talk at TedX Vancouver. Watch Mark Betteridge’s TedX Vancouver talk and relate to the passion Mark has about his subject.

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Corporate Investment in Just Bio Fiber

We are looking to help raise $3 million of investment (either debt or equity) in Just Bio Fiber.  Please give me a call if you are interested.   Regards   Mark (604) 861-4623

Just Bio Fiber

Our newest investment. These hemp and lime based blocks are in production testing now and are accumulating all of the requisite building code approvals.  A round of investing is open.

Mark Betteridge & Associates (MBA) Inc.

Mark Betteridge & Associates (MBA) Inc. Simply, we can help you succeed in several ways: As an angel with 17 years of experience, we invest in start-up technology firms that can convince us they know what they are doing, they have a strong competitive edge and, most importantly, we believe in the principals and their […]