Mark Betteridge

Mark Betteridge is an angel investor in early stage technology firms including biotechnology, medical devices, food processing and parallel/serial computing.

Mark Betteridge & Associates (MBA) Inc. is a successful investor in publicly traded X-Biotech, realizing a 34 x return on investment.

MBA was the successful contractual manager of Discovery Parks in British Columbia  Discovery developed more than 1.5 million sq. ft. of privately financed development in high tech/life science parks at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, the University of Victoria and on its own lands in Burnaby and Vancouver.  The projects had a total value of almost half a billion dollars.  Discovery pioneered cost effective wet labs for biotechnology firms as part of this work and more than 130 companies have been resident in Discovery buildings.

MBA advised a church in Vancouver to create a high rise condominium and retail project that will also create a new church within this structure at no cost to the congregation.

As part of a team, MBA delivered the City approvals and a business plan for a privately financed 650,000 sq. ft. medical technology park at Vancouver General Hospital.  The underlying business case was for this project to assist in the commercialization of health technology for public benefit.

MBA completed a business plan for the University of Washington for a privately financed and owned 50,000 sq. ft. wet lab on campus lands.

For a family owned business, MBA secured all approvals, designs, permits, financing and marketing for a 50,000 sq. ft. condominium high rise and retail development in Vancouver.

MBA delivered a strategic and business analysis of development alternatives for two campuses of Vancouver Community College.


  • Currently a Board member of the BC Business Council and Accelerate Okanagan
  • Mark Betteridge was a founding director and past Chair of the Board of Covenant House Vancouver

  • A member of Lambda Alpha and the Canadian Institute of Planners

  • The first President of the University of British Columbia Real Estate Corporation, now UBC Properties Trust.  Mark structured and ran the company from inception creating the ‘contractual municipality’ and development program.  The first phase, Hampton Place, delivered more than 900 units of condominium units and net profit to the University of over $80 million.  Mark also directly managed the development of 253 rental units for the university’s own use

  • Chair of BC Agri-Food and Bio-Products Advisory Committee for the BC Innovation Council

  • Previously Vice Chair of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission and a Director of the Vancouver Aquarium

  • Previously a Director of the BC Technology Industry Association